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Global Energy & CO2 Data

The most comprehensive and up-to-date database on energy supply, demand, prices and GHG emissions

Global Energy & CO2 Data
For close to 30 years, Enerdata has compiled over 200 information sources worldwide on the energy sector. Once sourced, data is individually verified and processed using our proven statistical methodology to guarantee you a reliable and timely updated global energy market database. Our database provides an extensive coverage of all energy sources for 186 countries through a user-friendly web portal. Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the energy & industry sectors are included too.

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  • Online interface with easy data retrieval
  • Browse through logical selection trees
  • Display results in tabs, graphs
  • Export any data request to xls files, and maps as images
  • Save / load your requests
  • Country snapshot with key indicators, interactive maps
  • Country rankings
  • Change units for each energy (physical units, energy units)
  • Monthly updates to always work with the most recent data available
  • Intuitive interface with quick data retrieval, display and export for more powerful analysis
  • Powerful tool for energy market research: assess trends, benchmark energies, emissions levels, countries
  • Pre-defined analysis available for country analysis
  • Similar wealth of information for each country
  • Valuable data assistance from our data specialists, to support your analysis
Screenshots of the interface: click on the pictures to zoom

Global Energy Data Interface

Country Energy Database Snapshot

Create Energy Country Data Maps Example

Calculations Energy Countries Database

Global Energy Trends
Enerdata's analysts are proud to present the 2016 edition of Global Energy Trends, an in-depth report outlining the global energy landscape for G20 countries. Explore key themes:
  • The evolution of energy demand by country and sector
  • The development of energy consumption by source
  • Changes in power mix at both an international and country level
  • The evolution of CO2 emissions
Read the Global Energy Trends 2016 publication edition here.

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