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Energy prices forecasts

Assess the evolution of energy prices on the international and regional markets, as well as end-users prices

The POLES model includes a pricing simulation module, to simulate the impact of future energy systems equilibrium on energy prices. Global, regional and local marketplaces are included in the simulation efforts, to understand economic trends on markets that result in price evolutions on a mid term scope.


  • Oil, gas and coal prices forecasts on international and main regional markets  : Through the POLES model, we forecasts the energy prices on world and regional markets, according to assumptions on economic development, recoverable resources and carbon constraints.

  • End-user final prices forecasts
    Through the POLES model, we forecasts the energy prices for final users, taking into consideration specific market conditions, the regulatory status and the upcoming tension on the energy markets by zone and by country.
  • Baseload & peakload generation costs forecasts
    Through the POLES model, we forecast the cost of power generation by simulating the forecoming power capacity mix, accounting for centralised and distributed power generation technologies.

  • Carbon impact on energy prices
    The carbon constraint largely impacts energy prices in Europe. We have the capability to assess the impact of a given level of contraint on energy prices, or undertake analysis on the cross impact between energies of a carbon policy implementation.
Scope of prices forecasts
  • 47 countries
  • wholesale prices: oil, gas, power and coal markets
  • End-user prices: industry, transport, power generation, residential & services

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