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Emissions inventories & carbon footprints

Long lasting assistance to governments in emissions inventories

Enerdata complies with all major regulatory bodies to develop emissions inventories at global, national and local levels.


Enerdata has more than 15 years of experience supporting climate change policy and processing emissions-related data for both public and private actors. Enerdata has developed a proprietary methodology to assess emissions inventories, that is fully in line with the IPCC guidelines.

Enerdata has conducted GHG emissions inventories for a wide range of clients, at all scales:

  • International inventories: emission scenarios for IPCC, IPCC Guidance development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Change Risk Assessment Framework
  • National inventories: France, Italy, Tunisia
  • Local inventories: several Regions in France, including Rhône-Alpes, Nord Pas de Calais, Lorraine, Midi Pyrénées
  • Entity: inventories for clients within CDM projects

Other fields of intervention include:

  • Development of guidance (protocols, international reporting, national system development)
  • Emission reduction analyses
  • Sector-specific analyses


GHG Inventory Tools

  • Greenhouse gases inventory tool
    Enerdata has developed a proprietary methodology to assess GHG inventories, that are used for forcasting issues within our models.


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