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Key World Energy Data in 2015

FREE APP - Enerdata's 2016 Yearbook: Key World Energy Data

Enerdata publishes now its 2016 Yearbook – a free online application providing up-to-date energy statistics, visual maps and graphs on a user-friendly online platform. Get unlimited access to premium annual data on supply, demand and trade for oil, gas, coal and electricity markets up to 2015. Covering 40 countries through a unique multi-energy approach, Enerdata’s Yearbook is a unique introduction to a full suite of interactive information services dedicated to the energy industry.

Carbon Expo 2016

Enerdata’s Side-Event at the Carbon Expo 2016: Quantifying national and sectoral impacts of NDCs for different market-based policy portfolios

May 26, 2016

ENERDATA has organized with the support of the World Bank a side event at Carbon Expo on "Quantifying national and sectoral impacts of NDCs for different market-based policy portfolios" on Thursday May 26, Koelnmesse.

The workshop focused on the specific tool, EVALUATE, that is being used by the World Bank Group, the Government of Brazil and other Governments. The tool provides key indicators from a private sector point of view, among others, since it allows a better understanding at national and sectoral levels of how NDCs may affect abatement costs, carbon prices and trade of carbon under different market-based policy configurations.

ENERDATA is also currently working with the World Bank’s Networked Carbon Markets (NCM) Initiative to conduct a series of modeling exercises, which aims to assess the impact of various trading rules for ETS linking scenarios on abatement costs, emissions and trade flows.

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Enerdata Global Energy Scenarios to 2040

Key energy indicators by scenarios

Enerdata just released its 2016 update of the EnerFuture World Energy Scenarios. Following the COP-21, this publication analyses the evolution of the energy markets: supply and demand of energy commodities, energy prices, as well as the impact of climate change and energy policies and their consequences for the energy industry. Three alternative visions for the next 25 years have been designed: Ener-Blue (successful achievement of the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), Ener-Green (stringent policies to limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 2°C by the end of the century) and Ener-Brown (a world with abundant fossil fuel resources and durably low energy prices).

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