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Global Energy Market Review in 2013

Yearbook 2013: Key World Energy Market Data

Enerdata released new free online application that provides key statistics and analysis on the energy industry through interactive maps and graphs. Get unlimited access to premium annual data on supply, demand & trade for the oil, gas, coal and electricity markets up to the year 2012.

EnerFuture EnerFuture provides unique energy forecasts to 2035 based on the globally recognized POLES model.

Updated scenarios of energy market development to 2035
• Global coverage (60+ countries/regions) of all energies
• Demand & prices forecast by sector, by energy
• Emissions and power mix forecasts
• Latest 2012 input data
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ODYSSEE MURE projects The ODYSSEE-MURE website has been redesigned in order to provide a more accessible database and energy efficiency information. The new version is available here. The ODYSSEE-MURE project is co-ordinated by ADEME with the technical support of Enerdata, Fraunhofer, ISIS and ECN.
In addition to the access to the database on energy efficiency indicators (ODYSSEE), it includes new data tools such on the market diffusion of efficient equipment and on the decomposition of the energy consumption variation, as well as many publications on energy efficiency policies and trends in the EU.

Energy Store: Individual Energy Reports and Data Sets

Instant delivery of updated energy market data, energy prices and energy market reports on the energy industry by country.

Energy Subscriptions : Annual access to the Enerdata Online Services

Comprehensive and timely updated energy databases, forecasts, energy prices and energy research on the global energy market.

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