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Global Energy Market Review in 2015

Yearbook 2015: Key World Energy Market Data

Enerdata released new free online application that provides key statistics and analysis on the energy industry through interactive maps and graphs. Get unlimited access to premium annual data on supply, demand & trade for the oil, gas, coal and electricity markets up to the year 2014.

Global Energy Trends publication

2015 Global Energy Trends: Towards a Peak in Energy Demand and CO2 Emissions?

Public Webinar - June 7th 2016

Every year we analyze the energy landscape and produce our Global Energy Trends report. Thanks to its statistical process and dedicated teams, Enerdata remains the first to unveil a detailed and data-driven annual report.
2016 celebrates the 20th anniversary of this publication!

Enerdata invites you to join its public seminar on June 7th to benefit from the 2016 report presentation and to gain insight on key questions such as:

  • Have we reached a peak in energy demand and CO2 emissions?
  • Is India replacing China as the driver of energy consumption growth?
  • Are key countries reducing the carbon intensity of their economies?
  • What impacts can we see from investments made in renewable energies?
  • Has the low price of oil impacted the overall demand for oil products? And the production of unconventional oil?
  • Is natural gas taking back market shares from coal?

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Zebra Data Tool

Zebra 2020 (Enerdata partner) updates the datatools

May 20, 2016

ZEBRA 2020 project updates the datatools which offer a user-friendly presentation of indicators related to building activities in Europe.

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Manfred Hafner

Enerdata to speak at the IAEE International conference in Bergen

21 June, Bergen, Norway

Dr Manfred Hafner, the Enerdata VP Consulting, will be presenting a paper on the likely evolution of the global energy landscape in the long run according to climate constraints and policies. Leveraging the globally recognized POLES model, the Enerdata scenarios will be assessing impacts on different energy sources and geographical regions, as well as challenges in implementation.

If you wish to speak directly with Dr. Manfred Haftner please and we will arrange it with you.

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Prices for energy sources

American (Shale) Gas, the New Benchmark for Energy Prices?

Dr. Patrick Criqui, senior researcher at LEPII-CNRS and a longtime member of Enerdata’s experts panel, has just published in the French website The Conversation the article titled, “American Shale Gas: A New Benchmark Price?”. Regularly contributing on highly discussed energy topics, Criqui addresses the recurring link between oil price and other energies. In an analysis outlining the economic crisis of 2008 and the following shale gas revolution in 2009, Criqui illustrates the competitive field between gas and oil as well as the industry’s growing impact on the international market. Will the decrease in oil prices pull down other fossil fuels?

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Energy Efficiency Trends - EAS - IChemE

Energy Efficiency - Technical Presentation – Singapore - 31 March 2016

On March 31st, Enerdata had a talk about Energy Efficiency Trends. The talk that was jointly organized by the Institution of the Chemical Engineers and the Engineering Alumni Singapore and saw a variegate audience and representatives of different Industry sectors. Enerdata expects Energy Efficiency Solution Implementation to take a step increase and play her part in the Energy consumption reduction mitigation plans of the governments and private companies.

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