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Webinar - Decarbonisation Pathways: The Renewables (R)evolution

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Growth trajectories and milestones for Renewable Energies

After an era of exploiting fossil fuels, will we succeed in switching to renewables as our main source of energy?

Transitioning to a low carbon-energy mix necessitates the electrification of our economy. To truly enforce decarbonisation, power generation must turn towards renewable energies. That is why exploring the potential of renewable energies and anticipating the future development of RES is essential.

Leveraging the latest updates on EnerFuture, our unique database providing long-term forecasts, our expert projected the scope of renewable energies up to 2030 and 2050, as well as the consequential impact expected on decarbonisation standards, through a global perspective, at a country level view.

In this webinar, our expert presented our insights at the economy-wide level through a global perspective.

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Our modelling expert has addressed questions such as: 

  • What emission mitigation can we expect from the growth of renewables?
  • How rapid does the transition towards renewable energy need to be?


Aurélien PEFFEN
Aurélien PEFFEN
Modelling Expert at Enerdata