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Enerdata provides energy data, forecasts, market reports, research, news, consulting and training on the global energy industry.

Enerdata Rebranding

Enerdata Rebranding

We are going through a rebranding process at Enerdata. It includes as of now a new logo, a new tagline, a new graphic chart, adapted designs for our publications and presentations ...

... and it will be soon completed with a new public website. The objective is to improve the users’ experience with our different media and adapt our supports to our company’s evolution.

We hope you will enjoy it !

China risk analysis

New! China Power & Gas Risk Analysis

The unique insightful analysis contains qualitative and quantitative evaluation to provide you versatile and comprehensive assessment of the risks in China.
Designed by globally recognised experts to help executives with their Power & Gas related investment decisions, this study gives you 30 years of our energy experience in Asian markets in concise 55 pages.

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Bioenergy Database

Bioenergy Database

The unique database designed to provide a 360 degree view of the Bio Energy industry, to assist you in strategic decision making and analysis.

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      Features and Benefits of the BioEnergy Database:
  • Global Coverage of 33 key countries, 4326 plants
  • Coverage from small scale plants to large scale plants (<1MW) to (>30MW)
  • Status of planned, operational and under construction plants
  • Generation capacity
  • Commissioning and decommissioning dates
  • ASH PROFILE: 23 types of feedstock with more than 30 components listed
  • 32 data series, with quarterly updates

Thorium Based Reactors and Future Nuclear Technologies

Thorium Based Reactors and Future Nuclear Technologies

Uranium is the only resource presently used for nuclear power generation. However it has been known since the very early days of nuclear power technology development that thorium could also be used. In this executive brief, Enerdata discusses the advantages of thorium for future nuclear technologies in terms of safety and radioactive waste management, but also the hurdles that have prevented the development of thorium based reactors so far.

Read the Thorium Based Reactors and future nuclear technologies executive brief

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios

17 March 2015

Enerdata organizes several workshops in Europe to present its 2015 update of EnerFuture Energy Scenarios to 2040.

Enerdata’s Global Energy Forecasting team just published the EnerFuture Energy Scenarios to 2040, which provides a comprehensive expert insight for strategic business planning and policy making. The publication is based on findings from EnerFuture service and POLES model and covers key issues and trends in world energy demand and supply.

In order to share these results with key partners, several workshops are organized in Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Dusseldorf …

More information | Download the publication

New Global Energy Data Interface

New Global Energy Data Interface

Discover the new Global Energy Data web interface with easier search, new graphs and charts.

Request a free trial and access to the new country snapshot, make calculations and conversions, create customised maps and much more.


Enerdata is an independent Information & Consulting firm specialising in the global energy industry and carbon market.
The company has more than 25 years' experience in political, economic and technology issues related to midstream and downstream energy at a global level.
Leveraging advanced forecasting models, robust methodologies and quantitative databases, Enerdata assists public and private organizations to better understand the dynamics and drivers shaping the global energy system.

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