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Enerdata provides energy data, forecasts, market reports, research, news, consulting and training on the global energy industry.

EnerMonthly - New Service

EnerMonthly Logo

Enerdata has launched its latest online service EnerMonthly: monthly energy data on key energy markets.

EnerMonthly allows users to feed data management systems and their analysis with the best sources in a couple of clicks. This service contains up to 300 time series of key energy indicators for oil, natural gas, biofuel, coal and power markets for over 40+ OECD and non OECD countries. EnerMonthly helps key players in the energy business stay tuned with market trends and gain time by eliminating time-consuming data sourcing.

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COP 22 Logo

Enerdata takes part in COP22, Marrakech

Enerdata took part in the 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) in Marrakech, from 7 to 18 November, 2016.

Enerdata experts presented and participated in 4 side events:

How Sustainable Energy can drive Prosperity? (Round Table):
Thursday 10th November, Organized by OCPPC (in English)
Enerdata participated in the round table and provided insights on key challenges in achieving the energy transition to a sustainable low carbon economy.

Quantify national and sectoral impacts of the INDCs and the role of carbon pricing policies (Round Table):
Monday 14th November, organized by Enerdata/I4CE/AFD (in French)
Enerdata facilitatated a round table discussion on guiding policy makers to effective policy choices concerning mitigation objectives.

Energy efficiency: The direct pathway towards sustainable energy (Round Table): Thursday 17th November, organized by Enerdata/ADEME/WEC (in French)
Enerdata attended a round table focused on the implementation of effective energy efficiency policy making in developed countries.

How to align EU policy with the goals of the Paris Agreement? (Side Event):
Thursday 17th November, organized by Enerdata/IETA/I4CE (in English)
In this side event, Enerdata looked at the 5-year review cycle of the Paris agreement and how to effectively harmonise EU law and policy making.

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EU Gas Net imports

Gazprom, from soviet planning to capitalism unknowns!

From Nord Stream 1 to Power of Siberia 1

Enerdata publishes a new analysis: “From Nord Stream 1 to Power of Siberia 1: a change in Gazprom’s mindset.”
This analysis has been written by Thierry Bros, member of Enerdata’s Expert Panel and natural gas market expert.

In this analysis, the below topics are covered:

  • The old gold plated strategy failed to address new risks. What are the main difficulties of building a pipeline?
  • The severe slowdown in Chinese imports reducing the need to fast track a full speed Power of Siberia.
  • Gazprom has learned and will be smarter going forward. Mr. Bros presents several conclusions and future actions that Gazprom may put in place.

Read the publication

ODYSSEE-MURE, a tool supporting decision makers in energy efficiency policy evaluation


The ODYSSEE-MURE project, financed by the European Commission (EASME), has been renewed for the next three years (a 30-month contract until September, 2018). The project gathers 36 participants, primarily from energy agencies in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Serbia.

The project provides ccomprehensive monitoring of energy consumption and efficiency trends, as well as energy efficiency policy measures by sector, thanks to two databases, ODYSSEE and MURE.
These 2 complementary databases, with their associated and analytical tools play a key role to provide reliable information for all Member States and public authorities to assess, monitor and evaluate energy efficiency progress* and the state of implementation of measures and their impacts.

Different tools have been consistently developed and are integrated on the project website, allowing users to have complete access to comprehensive facilities explaining detailed energy efficiency trends and benchmark indicators (available here). Several reports have been produced including both a review of energy efficiency trends and of the policy instruments currently implemented to improve energy efficiency, based on the ODYSSEE and MURE databases (available here).

Enerdata is part of the technical coordination of the project and is responsible for the ODYSSEE database. This database aims to provide updated data on energy consumption and efficiency indicators. This month, users can access data up to 2014**

More information on the ODYSSEE database can be found here.

* The ODYSSEE-MURE methodology for monitoring energy consumption and energy efficiency trends have been implemented in several other regions and countries, such as in Latin America, in Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria) , in Thailand ...
**data access subject to countries


Enerdata is an independent Information & Consulting firm specialising in the global energy industry and carbon market.
The company has more than 25 years' experience in political, economic and technology issues related to midstream and downstream energy at a global level.
Leveraging advanced forecasting models, robust methodologies and quantitative databases, Enerdata assists public and private organizations to better understand the dynamics and drivers shaping the global energy system.