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Enerdata provides energy data, forecasts, market reports, research, news, consulting and training on the global energy industry.

Enerdata will join top world leaders in the energy field at this year’s World Energy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey

WEC 2016 Istanbul

Email us today to book an appointment from October 9th-13th with Enerdata’s president, Pascal Charriau.

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New Global Energy Statistical Yeabook - 2016 edition is online

Total primary production

The Global Energy Statistical Yearbook is a free online interactive data software. It allows to browse data through intuitive maps and graphs, for a visual analysis of the latest trends in the energy industry, which can be viewed globally, by region and by country.

It provides best quality time series on supply, demand and trade for oil, gas, coal, electricity and CO2 emissions.

Click here to access customized graphs and export data to Excel

Global Energy Trends 2015

Global Energy Trends - 2016 report

June, 7th 2016

Enerdata celebrates the 20th anniversary of its annual publication, “World Energy Trends.” Based on information for G20 countries, which represent 80% of the global demand, this analysis shows the key trends as well as the evolution of world markets.

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Enerdata is an independent Information & Consulting firm specialising in the global energy industry and carbon market.
The company has more than 25 years' experience in political, economic and technology issues related to midstream and downstream energy at a global level.
Leveraging advanced forecasting models, robust methodologies and quantitative databases, Enerdata assists public and private organizations to better understand the dynamics and drivers shaping the global energy system.