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Enerdata provides energy data, forecasts, market reports, research, news, consulting and training on the global energy industry.

Russian oil output dynamics

The Future of Russian Oil output under sanctions and lower oil prices
Executive brief October 2015

Growth in Russian liquids output

Russia remains one of the largest oil producers in the world with 13% of the global oil supply in 2014; it is very important both for consumers and producers to have a vision of the current state and the longer-term prospects for the Russian oil industry development, especially as the current oil price conjuncture creates huge uncertainties.

In this article, Enerdata aims to assess which drivers determine Russian oil production dynamics and what production would look like in the near future. Russian oil production dynamics would depend largely on companies’ ability to introduce new fields into operation in due time and the pace of introducing state-of-the-art technologies, which would maintain production levels at the existing fields.

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Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2015

Enerdata releases the 2015 edition of its interactive yearbook

With the new version of the Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2015 get access to :

• Visual statistics on interactive world map
• Online application with intuitive interface
• Free data export in Excel

Access directly to the Yearbook 2015 | Learn more about

World Energy Consumption 2014

Analysis of the trends in the world energy markets. 2015 Edition.

A year full of surprises.

• +3.5% Economic Growth
• +0.3% (10.8 Gtep) Energy consumption stagnation
• -0.2% (26GtCO2) CO2 emissions stabilisations

Read the complete Global Energy Trends Publication

Power & Gas Risk Analysis

Power & Gas Risk Analysis

The unique insightful analysis contains qualitative and quantitative evaluation to provide you versatile and comprehensive assessment of the risks in Asia.
Designed by globally recognised experts to help executives with their Power & Gas related investment decisions.

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Enerdata is an independent Information & Consulting firm specialising in the global energy industry and carbon market.
The company has more than 25 years' experience in political, economic and technology issues related to midstream and downstream energy at a global level.
Leveraging advanced forecasting models, robust methodologies and quantitative databases, Enerdata assists public and private organizations to better understand the dynamics and drivers shaping the global energy system.