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Optimise your Power and Gas investments and assets in Asia

Power & Gas Risk Analysis

Power & Gas Risk Analysis provides you with a series of exclusive, insightful risk reports by country. Containing both qualitative and quantitative data, these versatile and comprehensive reports give you a clear evaluation of country risk.

These country risk reports will help executives with their power and gas related investment decisions thanks to exceptional insight from a globally recognised team of energy experts with over 30 years of experience.

Focusing on evaluation criteria, the analysis assesses commercial, socioeconomic, financial, environmental and security risks. A risk evaluation index provides an independent and transparent methodology in order to better assess target markets.

Which country represents the lowest business risk?  Where are the potential markets for PV in Asia? What power and gas projects are currently under development in a given country?


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Why Subscribe?

  • Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment
  • 25 indicators grouped into five categories
  • Benchmark between 18 major Asian countries
  • One overall risk index: Enerdata Risk Index (ERI)


Key Features


  • Coverage of 18 countries representing major investment stakes in power and gas in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Each country report contains a detailed market description as well as a quantitative and qualitative assessment with 25 major indicators
  • Five evaluation categories: commercial, socioeconomic, financial, environmental and security risks
  • Indicators based on reputable international sources to enable country benchmark
  • A deeper understanding of market knowledge and developments through Enerdata Asia’s vast network of energy experts


Proven Methodology


The objective of Enerdata’s risk index is to provide an independent and transparent methodology in order to better assess Asian markets. There are numerous business risks within power and gas sectors, particularly concerning price, volume, politics, regulation and, increasingly, the environment.


To provide a comparative assessment of risks, each category comprises five KPIs, which are considered to represent the main risk influences. In order to evaluate the level of risk associated to each category, every KPI is scored on a scale from 0-10, ranging from the lowest-risk countries (score 0) to the highest-risk (score 10).


To better represent these risks, Enerdata has selected five categories: Commercial, Socio-Economic, Financial, Environment and Security. The arithmetic mean of the scores in each category produces five scores. Once evaluated, the average of each category will outline the Enerdata Risk Index (ERI). As with the risk component ratings, the higher the ERI, the higher the risk, and vice versa.



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Countries Covered

18 major Asian countries


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Hong Kong

New Zealand






South Korea








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