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Decarbonisation of financial portfolios

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The Louis Bachelier Institute and Enerdata were delighted to have hosted our recent online webinar, "Decarbonisation Portfolio: Building a Detailed Climate Scenario". 

In light of the COP28 conference and renewed climate pledges, our experts introduced how climate objectives can be achieved through a financial portfolio perspective. The decarbonisation in loans, insurance contracts, and customer portfolios requires meticulous efforts and substantial resources.

The establishment of a climate scenario stands as a crucial prerequisite for implementing a robust strategy towards portfolio decarbonisation.

How to link the emissions of a sector with a global climate scenario?

Decarbonisation portfolio

 Source: Enerdata


In this analysis, our experts detailed a unique methodology that facilitates the comprehension of sectoral emissions by building an energy-climate scenario, detailed by geography and economic sector. 

One of the most critical stages in this process is to select a scenario aligned with the climate objectives. Our experts specified the principle of using a baseline scenario for this selection.

Then, they applied the methodology to a case study focusing on the French private transport sector.


Private vehicule fleet

Source: Enerdata scenario, built with the EnerMED model


Request the full presentation (Free)