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Scenarios for energy consumption reduction in a French region

The project

Enerdata was selected by the Region Direction of ADEME Hauts-de-France (ADEME is the French Agency for Ecological Transition), in partnership with Energies Demain, to define several scenarios aiming to achieve the objectives of the region’s Third Industrial Revolution (Rev3): climate challenge and job development. We worked on three scenarios that target a reduction in final energy consumption and an increased supply of local renewable energies by 2050.

Hauts-de-France Scenarios Clients

Strategic stakes

This region’s specificity is its industrial density. Thus, the challenge is to completely transform the industries to use more sustainable evolutions that face the energy and economic crisis and create jobs. To support this, three tasks were completed:

  • The evaluation of the Rev3 dynamics, 5 years after its launch
  • The definition of three scenarios describing the conditions and technological options required to achieve the initial objectives by 2050: 60% reduction in energy consumption and 100% of energy being renewable
  • The estimation of the projects’ consequences on jobs and training opportunities (subject of a dedicated study)

The three scenarios were based on:

  1. Low regional autonomy
  2. Strong regional autonomy
  3. Strong regional autonomy, optimised production, and sufficiency