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Transition scenarios for 2050 for ADEME, Hauts de France

In 2022, French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) for the region of Hauts de France selected Enerdata to regionalise the 5 Transition scenarios for 2050 of the mobility and transportation sector.

ADEME aimed to back up the results for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions with additional analyses of trends in jobs, skills, the resulting local economy, and taxation.

This ambitious project required a wide range of skills to address its challenges. 

At the beginning, we had to collect and process specific data, tailored to the Hauts de France region from 2008 to 2019 for passenger and freight transport (around 200 series and 2,000 values). Then we needed to adapt the philosophy and assumptions of the national scenarios to the specificity of the region. For example, the specificity of Hauts de France region is the maritime and river freight that will be developed following the construction work on the Seine Nord Europe canal. Lastly, the prospective exercise required a strong participation and communication. The consultations ran with regional and local elected representatives, business leaders, major transportation players, as well as with a panel of randomly selected citizens.

To address these challenges, Enerdata leveraged its expertise in data collection and analysis of historical trends. As well as its knowledge of ADEME's "Everest" transportation model, developed as part of Transition 2050. With extensive modelling experience in the transportation sector, our analysts adjusted the scenarios according to the client's requirements, triggering levers specific to the regional or sub-regional scale. Our team worked closely with the expert Aurélien Bigo, a specialist in the energy transition of Transport. Enerdata also supported its partners In-Numeri, Auxilia and Squada in calculating the socio-economic impacts (TETE model) and in public consultation.

Enerdata oversaw the overall coordination of the project, data collection and adjustments to the "Responsibility" perimeter. We modelled 5 scenarios of energy consumption and GHG emissions for passenger and freight transportation up to 2050. In addition, we trained elected representatives and business leaders, as well as ensured effective communication about the project.

Throughout the project, we provided ADEME Hauts de France with the following deliverables:

  • a prospective Excel Hauts de France model for the "Responsibility" perimeter, with 5 scenarios
  • a scenario applied to 4 sub-regional areas (large conurbation, medium-sized conurbation, small town, rural area)
  • training in energy and climate forecasting
  • a report on the impact on jobs, professions, skills, investment, the economy and taxation
  • 5 thematic focuses, such as the study of the impact of Transit
  • 3 newsletters and support for a press conference