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Enerdata acquires Infinergia Consulting to develop its Clean Tech expertise

Enerdata, an independent energy research company, announced today the acquisition of Infinergia, a marketing and strategy consulting firm specialising in clean energy markets. Enerdata has experienced strong and steady growth over the last few years and is gradually implementing its strategic development plan. This acquisition will enable the company to further address new market opportunities by developing a new expertise on clean energy technologies and enlarging its offering.

This acquisition has been discussed for several months, with a focus not only on expertise and business, but also on human aspects.

Infinergia has developed a recognised expertise in emerging and future technologies, in particular on hydrogen, batteries, photovoltaic, biogas, and off-grid markets.

By joining forces, Infinergia and Enerdata will provide new solutions and new competencies to address sustainable development challenges. Both companies will benefit from their respective core competencies, skills, and business development opportunities.

On the human side, both companies share a common mindset, based on customer centricity and people development. All co-workers are enthusiastic about future cooperation.

“Infinergia’s expertise corresponds to an identified strategic need for Enerdata and will both enrich our information services and our consulting capacities on topics related to new markets, on top of our clients’ agenda”, said Pascal Charriau, President of Enerdata. “It is also in line with our development strategy and the emphasis we put on cooperation: better putting our strengths together than reinventing the wheel! Last but not least, I am confident that the company will greatly benefit from Fabrice’s entrepreneurial experience.”

“Enerdata’s client portfolio, as well as the collaboration with the existing information and consulting services will open brand-new possibilities to Infinergia’s business development” said Fabrice Poulin, CEO at Infinergia. “Besides, our team is thrilled to join forces with Enerdata which provides a solid infrastructure and exciting development opportunities.”

This acquisition is effective since September 30th. All Infinergia employees have joined Enerdata’s head office, thus becoming its “Clean Tech” unit. Business continuity with existing customers and projects will of course be maintained, while quick win synergies will be progressively implemented.

About Infinergia Consulting

Infinergia is an independent marketing and strategy consulting company established in 2009, dedicated to Clean Energy technologies and markets. With important know-how and experience in market access for innovations, Infinergia provides market research and market entry advice to research institutes, start-ups, larger corporations, investors, and public institutions.

Infinergia website

About Enerdata

Enerdata is an independent research company established in 1991, specialising in the analysis and forecasting of energy and climate issues, at world and country level.

Leveraging their globally recognised databases, intelligence systems and models, they support their clients in designing their policies, strategies, and business plans.

Enerdata website

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