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Enerdata selected by ADEME to provide new energy scenarios

ADEME, in partnership with the Prefecture, the REV3 Mission, the Regional Council and the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, selected Enerdata and Energies Demain to provide new scenarios to extend the ambitions of the Third Industrial Revolution (called REV3), a new economic model based on the Energy and Ecological transition, to the new region Hauts-de-France. This energy strategy aimed to reduce by 60 % the final energy consumption by 2050 and to cover 100 % of this demand by local renewable energies. Enerdata leverages its tools such as MedPro to carry out the modelling of the regional energy system. The scenarios have been co-constructed with local socio-economic stakeholders during a day of debate in which more than 150 people participated (enterprises, associations, local authorities, etc.)

The summary of the results has been presented during a press release.

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