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Presentation of final results obtained for Pashmina project on the 16th of October 2012 at the European Commission

Brussels (Belgium)/Grenoble (France) - September 25, 2012 - The European Commission will host the closing conference for the PASHMINA (Paradigm Shifts Modelling and Innovative Approaches) project to present final results obtained for the research conducted in paradigm shifts from the energy-transport-land use nexus and socio-economic perspective.

The purpose of the PASHMINA project is to demonstrate that possible future global changes can be addressed today using a set of new generation of models and indicators. Reputable research institutions - such as ISIS, WIFO and NERI - collaborated together with Enerdata to produce a set of new generation tools to predict global changes for years 2030 to 2050 based on the production of exploratory scenarios of change options and of analysis conducted on the consequences of current paradigm shifts. Appropriate adaption and mitigation strategies to tackle possible paradigm shifts were then assessed and a new generation of global indicators and models created and evaluated.

Enerdata is a key collaborator in this 3 year long project and its President, Mr. Château, will present the new generation tools developed to predict the paradigm shift in the urban energy and transport nexus, aided by research institutes NERI and sMASH. The innovative approaches used to analyse the paradigm shifts will be detailed, then research results and policy relevant conclusions presented, finishing with a Q&A session. Enerdata warmly welcomes your presence on the 16th of October 2012 in Brussels.