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Enerdata now offers a licensed access to its POLES-Enerdata model

POLES-Enerdata is a recognised simulation model of the global energy system, featuring detailed representation of the mechanisms operating in the energy consumption sectors, in energy supply, including power generation, in energy prices, and associated greenhouse gas emissions. The model provides an understanding of long-term trends induced by specific energy and climate policies at global, regional and country level.

The model has numerous purposes. It is for example the basis of Enerdata’s EnerFuture scenarios. Moreover, it has been used so far mostly for consulting purposes (e.g. for the Swedish Energy Agency and BEIS, including the delivery of simulations’ outputs in the form of detailed energy and emissions balances.

Enerdata now offers the possibility of a licensed access to the model itself. While this obviously requires interested parties to have a good understanding of energy system modelling, it offers a significant potential to actors of the energy sector, investors, and international financial institutions, among others, to gain expertise in energy-environment-economy modelling. Accessing the POLES-Enerdata model  allows  to run their own scenarios, using specific proprietary assumptions and getting closer to a fully informed decision-making.

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