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International workshop on carbon pricing and modelling in Tunisia

As part of the Project "Support to carbon pricing for the implementation of the NDC and the low carbon transition in Tunisia", Enerdata participated in the international workshop on carbon pricing and modelling, which took place on 23rd September in Tunisia.  The event was organised by the Tunisian Agency for Energy Management (ANME), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Partnership for Market Readiness fund, with the support of the Carbon 4 consulting company.

The workshop was organised on two pillars:

  • carbon pricing and the article 6 of the Paris agreement, with a look at carbon pricing mechanisms, limits, key success factors, and the stakes and issues for Tunisia.
  • energy, climate and economy modelling: the case of Tunisia.

This second session started with a focus on the prospective of energy transitions, with analysis of strategic scenarios, before looking at Tunisia through the prism of modelling tools. Sylvain Cail, head of Global Energy Forecasting at Enerdata, presented our latest projects for Tunisia, before delving into existing approaches and models for energy forecasting, with a special focus on partial equilibrium modelling (examples of POLES-Enerdata and EnerNEO), and additional carbon pricing tools such as the MACCs (Marginal Abatment Cost Curves).