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New Energy Information System for Algeria

New Energy Information System for Algeria

To facilitate the monitoring of Algeria’s energy transition, the EU delegation in the country was looking for a reliable partner to modernise the Energy Information System (EIS) of the country. This delegation is supporting the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Algeria to set up long terms policies that require high-quality energy data.

The major challenges of the project appeared at three levels. Firstly, organising the data collection processes from multiple reliable sources and consolidating them with quality checks. Secondly, standardising the data to meet the stringent international guidelines. Eventually, the publication of a user-friendly energy database that included the national energy balances and various indicators to monitor the progress of Algeria toward the energy transition and independence.

Thanks to our core competency in energy reporting, energy balances and information systems, and over 30 years of experience in designing and implementing energy and climate database architecture and management systems, the EU delegation in Algeria selected Enerdata to redesign, update and implement an innovative EIS.

The project will be deployed in three majors steps:

  • A diagnosis of the current Energy Information System regarding the methodology and standards of collection, control, processing, harmonisation, and restitution
  • A redesign of the energy database architecture
  • The implementation of the best reporting technologies in the field, including business intelligence technologies

We will deliver energy balance sheets, indicators and dashboards for energy transition monitoring, a new energy and climate database architecture, and we will implement the business intelligence tool.