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Database Management

Expert data management in energy industry

Enerdata has been developing and maintaining proprietary and client databases for more than 25 years. We design, develop, maintain and update your whole data management process, from data collection to data diffusion. We are used to collecting energy related data from hundreds of sources, from well-structured to totally unstructured sources. Our databases are highly flexible in their structure, ensuring data integrity and smooth update process. We also develop powerful data querying interfaces accessible via web browser or desktop.

Interested in customised energy database?

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We offer:

  • Database design, development, maintenance, hosting
  • Data collection process
  • Powerful data warehousing and Data mining
  • Tight quality standards
  • Data diffusion software
  • Timely data updates option

We have built a strong IT architecture to ensure speed , availability and security of your systems.

Bespoke Databases

Enerdata can either deliver a turnkey solution, or assist you in the development of your own data management process dedicated to the energy industry.
Enerdata leverages cutting-edge technology to provide the maximum level of flexibility, reliability, security and user-friendliness.

Data Diffusion
ABB    European Commission Energy
IPEEC    World Energy Council    BEE
Enerdata has been developing energy databases for its own use and for third parties since 1986:

• Design, development, hosting and maintenance of Enerdata’s Global Energy Database: 186 countries, 2 000 series by country (with a detailed coverage of renewables), offering Excel-exportable tables and online maps – used by major governmental bodies and energy companies worldwide.
• Design, development, hosting and maintenance of the European Commission’s Odyssee database on energy efficiency. Additional info about Odyssee Energy Efficiency Project.
• Design, development, and hosting of the European Commission’s database on energy savings potential
• Design, development, and hosting of the World Energy Council’s database on global energy efficiency policy and measures
• Design, development, hosting and maintenance of the State of New Caledonia’s energy database
• Design of India’s BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) database
• Design of Tunisia’s ANME (energy efficiency agency) database

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