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Energy Forecasting

Energy forecasting services at national and international levels, for oil, gas, power and coal, focused on energy demand, energy prices, power mix and CO2 emissions.

Online subscription services

Energy Forecast

Global Energy Forecasts - EnerFuture

Long-term forecast (up to 2040) of demand and prices for all energies, CO2 emissions by sector and power generation by fuel (both production and capacities).
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EnerFuture MACCs

EnerFuture MACCs

Marginal Abatement Cost Curves, i.e. projected CO2 emissions by sector (up to 2050) according to carbon price.
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Country Energy Demand Forecasts

Country Energy Demand Forecasts

Country Energy Demand Forecast is an innovative service dedicated to energy demand forecasts by country. It offers a unique approach to energy demand forecasting, with a powerful modelling platform delivered on a simple web interface, where data and scenarios have been pre-defined by our energy demand experts.
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EnerFuture Analysis Pack

Special Foresight Reports

Monthly analysis projection reports on a range of energy topics with data sourced primarily from EnerFuture. Reports can be purchased individually or as a pack.
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Forecasts on demand
2040 prices forecasts for oil, gas, power and coal

Forecasting models
MEDPRO - National technico-economic model based on consumption uses
POLES - Global mid to long term energy model
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