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Odyssee, the European energy efficiency project

A leading, user-friendly database, Odyssee monitors energy consumption and assesses energy efficiency performance for EU countries, including Norway. Odyssee is updated twice a year through a network of partners and national energy agencies in 29 countries.

Key Features

  • Coverage of 29 countries (EU member states including Norway)
  • User-friendly interface for data queries with the latest available data
  • Detailed energy consumption data by sector and end-use
  • Annual series from 1990 onwards
  • Consistent data for easy country benchmark




Odyssee Decomposition Tool


How to evaluate energy savings?


ODYSSEE provides harmonised energy efficiency indicators as well as energy savings by sector

The ODYSSEE database can provide:

  • Indicators for energy efficiency & CO2 data
  • An overall index of energy efficiency by country and sector (ODEX)
  • Energy efficiency gains by sector, sub-sector and end-uses (as well as energy savings)


Need a complementary analysis on energy efficiency and energy consumption?


The ODYSSEE-MURE project can provide valuable tools to better understand trends in consumption as well as benchmark energy efficiency progress across Europe. Take a look at our data tools.