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Power Turbine Markets

Power Turbine Markets is an analyst-curated Daily Brief and searchable archive of market intelligence relevant to all facets of the global turbine business. Stay on top of your research with world-class market watch covering innovations, regulations, business trends, deals, and M&As for all types of turbines.

It’s the most simple and effective way to be the first to know about market developments.

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Why Subscribe?

  • Having one unified, dependable source for the entire turbine industry across a variety of energies means knowing where to go to quickly understand any market move.
  • Add a layer of expertise to your team and always get the latest, most relevant intel with Daily Briefs written and produced by Enerdata’s expert analysts.
  • Identify the most active companies and operators in each region, getting a bird’s-eye-view of strategic developments around the world.


Key Features

  • Daily Brief written by Enerdata experts with global updates and precise analytics.
  • Includes steam, CCGT, Open-cycle gas turbines, wind, nuclear and other turbines, plus innovations in new technologies, including on-site storage and digitalization.
  • Each Brief is structured with two main sections:
    • Competitors Watch
      Companies are thoroughly scrutinized on a daily basis, and the details of any pertinent moves are reported in your Brief.
    • Market Watch
      The following categories keep you up-to-date on regulations, innovations, trends, and opportunities – including intel about LCOEs for renewables, and evolutions in the competitiveness of RES technologies.
      • Fossil Fuel Markets
      • Technology Trends
      • Policies
      • Utilities’ Strategies
      • Market Opportunities
  • OPTIONAL: Receive our monthly strategic synthesis report, highlighting the most important moves in the industry, so you’re sure to never miss a major event.
  • OPTIONAL: Upgrade to have a fully customizable Content Management System that gives you total control over content moderation, including who in your organization should receive which pieces of intel, and when.


Key Benefits

  • Always be the first to know about market changes and never miss strategic information.
  • Stay abreast of your competitors’ moves.
  • Get a strategic edge without wasting hours on research.
  • Foresee major evolutions in these challenging markets.


Global Coverage

Whether your focus is geography, technology or companies, we’ve got you covered.

Country List: Global coverage including, but not limited to:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Poland
  • Turkey
  • Iran
  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • and many more…

Equipment List:

  • Turbines: Steam, Open-cycle gas turbine, CCGT, wind, nuclear
  • Boilers
  • Emerging Technologies:
    • Energy storage and fuel cells
    • Digitalisation -- including IoT (Internet of Things), LTSA (Learning Technology Systems Architecture), AI, Digital twins, and Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing)

Company List: Global coverage including, but not limited to:

  • Ansaldo Energia
  • BHEL
  • Dongfang Electric Corporation
  • Doosan Heavy Industries
  • GE (General Electric)
  • Harbin
  • HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries)
  • Larsen Toubro
  • MHPS (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems)
  • Power Machines
  • Shanghai Electric
  • Siemens
  • Toshiba
  • Wärtsilä
  • Yokogawa
  • And many more…


Competitors watch - Siemens

Competitors watch

Market Watch - Fossil Fuel Market

Market Watch Fossil Fuel Market

Market Watch - Utilities' Strategy

Market Watch Utilities' strategy

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