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Energy efficiency trends in transport in the European Union

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Enerdata is part of the Odyssee-MURE project, supported by the European Commission. We have conducted a webinar discussing the project’s details with a focus on energy efficiency in transport in the EU and we would like to offer you a presentation from the event.

Odyssee-MURE project’s goal is to offer a thorough monitoring of trends in energy consumption and efficiency, along with an assessment of policy measures promoting energy efficiency across various sectors. Enerdata is one of the official partners providing technical coordination with our expertise in renewable energy industry. 

In the presentation you may find information and statistics on the growing share in transport consumption and CO2 emissions, limited decarbonisation, and top runners in transition.

The main topics include: 

  • Contrasting trends in the correlation between transport consumption and GDP since 2010
  • Analysis of the transport consumption by mode in the EU, highlighting a slight decrease in the share of cars since 2010, as well as the trends over these years.

Transport consumption by mode in the EU (2010, 2022)

transport consumption by mode in the EU

Sources: Odyssee (2010-2021), Enerdata (2022)


  • Decoupled data on CO2 emissions and consumption, thanks to the progression of biofuels and electricity.
  • Examination of energy efficiency trends in the EU across different transport modes, including domestic air, road freight transport, new cars and stock. An “ODEX” methodology has been used to calculate an energy efficiency index across 8 modes of transport.
  • Trends in energy savings and an in-depth analysis of the modes contributing to the cumulative 39 Mtoe of energy savings between 2000 and 2022, with a specific focus on modal shifts for freight and passenger transport.
  • Delving into the transportation industry’s delay in achieving energy efficiency improvements, with a detailed analysis of the drivers influencing variations in transport consumption from 2000 to 2022.

Decomposition of transport consumption variation (EU, 2019-2022)

Sources: Odyssee (2010-2021), Enerdata (2022)


The webinar was led by Estelle Payan, Odyssee database manager, and Bruno Lapillonne, Enerdata Scientific Director. 

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