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Global Energy Trends - 2016 report

Towards a Peak in Energy Demand and CO2 Emissions?

Based on its 2015 data for G20 countries, Enerdata analyses the trends of the world energy markets.

Global Energy Trends 2016 reportCelebrating the 20th anniversary of this yearly publication, Enerdata has newly released its annual Global Energy Trends publication for 2016.

The full report, now available to a worldwide audience in English, presents in-depth information on the energy markets as well as upcoming trends for all energies in the G20. With over 400 premium sources, Enerdata analysts highlight major developments in 2015 concerning global demand, supply and key indicators across the globe.

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Economic growth*

* - at PPP


Energy consumption


CO2 emissions

The main trends outlined in the report are:

  • Economic slowdown: the lowest growth since 2002!
  • Almost no growth in energy consumption
  • New decrease of energy intensity
  • Stabilization of CO2-energy emissions
  • INDC targets achievement requires a double breakthrough

The Global Energy Trends Analysis also provides additional graphs about trends by energy:

  • Coal: most consumed energy source in G20 countries
  • Oil: fall in prices to around 40-50 US$/bbl
  • Oil production: USA overtake Russia and catch up with Saudi Arabia
  • Gas: Stabilisation of gas demand for the 2nd consecutive year
  • Electricity: Stagnation of electricity consumption
  • Wind Power and Solar PV: Asia engine of development

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Growth in energy consumption (%/year) for G20 countries

World Energy Consumption 2015

  • 2nd consecutive year of decline: low growth and decrease in energy intensity
  • India drives the energy consumption growth
  • Near stagnation in China (after a 1st sharp slowdown in 2014)
  • Economic recession in Brazil and Russia
  • USA: decrease primarily linked to the industrial sector (energy efficiency + less energy-intensive industry)
  • Rebound in Europe: economic growth + climate effect 2015/2014

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