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Global Energy Trends - 2017 report

Enerdata analyses the 2016 key developments of the world energy markets.

2016 Global Energy Trends: Is Energy Transition on the right path?

global energy trends, 2017 edition

Every year, Enerdata is the first organisation to publish a report on the global energy trends, leveraging its comprehensive and up-to-date databases as well as its globally recognised expertise.

The Enerdata Global Energy Trends’ report, now publicly available, presents in-depth information on the energy markets for all energies in the G20. The Enerdata experts highlight major developments in 2016 regarding global demand, supply and key market indicators, providing detailed figures, graphs and analysis by energy, the evolution of CO2 emissions, and the monitoring of energy transition, the evolution of the power mix, globally, regionally and by country.

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Economic growth

At purchasing power parity

2015:       +3.4%

2004-14: +3.6%



10.9 Gtoe


Slight rebound in energy consumption


2015:       +0.1%

2004-14: +1.9%



26 GtCO2


CO2 emissions stagnation*


2015:       -0.8%

2004-14: +2.0%

*: CO2-energy emissions from energy combustion (>80% of CO2 emissions)



Main trends outlined in the report

  • Rebound of the energy consumption growth despite the low economic activity
  • New decrease of energy intensity, at the level of historical trends
  • 3rd consecutive year of flat CO2 emissions
  • 2016 in line with 2014-2015 trends, but still far from NDCs’ or 2°C scenarios objectives


The Global Energy Trends publication also provides additional analysis about trends by energy:

  • Drop of the coal consumption for the third consecutive year, driven by the fall in China
  • Rise of the oil consumption almost at the same pace as in 2015, above the historical trends
  • Acceleration of the gas demand growth, reaching levels close to the average 10-year past trends
  • Electricity: strong consumption growth in China contributing to more than 2/3 of the G20 country’s electricity consumption rebound
  • China confirms its supremacy in renewable energies: it became the top wind electricity producer in 2016 and solar electricity generation skyrocketed
  • The switch from coal to gas in the USA is in progress


Growth in energy consumption (%/year) for G20 countries

Wind electricity production trends in main producing countries (TWh)

Growth energy consumption

Wind electricity production


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