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Energie für Deutschland 2018

After the energy sector, the transport sector is now increasingly becoming the focus of the climate policy discussion. Although traffic alone accounts for only about 20 percent of CO2 emissions in Germany, it undoubtedly requires measures for more climate protection in road traffic. After all, about 95 percent of the emissions from the EU-28 transport sector result from road traffic and its emissions are currently rising again.

The World Energy Council emphasizes again and again the international dimension and the need to work together in Europe and worldwide. Reducing greenhouse gases is one such global challenge that national goals and strategies alone are not enough to solve. At EU level, it is currently being discussed to set new reduction targets for new cars by 2030. What other measures are being taken in the transport sector worldwide to achieve the agreed climate targets of Paris? What role will electromobility and synthetic fuels play in the future? These questions will be explored in this year's focus chapter.

In addition, we have researched and prepared for you important topics and figures from the energy sector in the national, European and global context in a proven way. We thank all authors and members of the editorial group who have contributed their expertise to the "Energy for Germany 2018" and thus make a substantive contribution to the energy policy discussion.

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