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Steep acceleration of wind power rollout and global domination of the sector

In recent years, the world has witnessed China’s wind energy sector asserting dominance in both turbine manufacturing and wind electricity production. Post pandemic China seems to be conspicuously accelerating its renewable sources of energy. Notwithstanding the RES capacities hitting record levels, coal still accounts for 60% of China’s electricity supply. Last year China largely increased the approvals of new coal power capacities, reaching a peak since 2015. 

Data from the past two years tell us that offsetting coal remains a challenge for China. The deployment of wind energy is running beyond expectations, but challenges remain. As CO2 emissions in the energy sector continue to grow, the country is falling short on its carbon intensity targets.

In this report we delve deep into understanding China’s wind energy sector, ranging from production, technologies and costs evolution.

Figure 1: Steep acceleration of wind power generation

Steep acceleration of wind power

Source: Enerdata – Global Energy & CO2 data, National Energy Administration


Key topics included: 

  • The figures behind the acceleration of wind power rollout in China
  • Implications and assessments of the government policies and medium-term targets regarding wind energy
  • The evolution of profitability of wind industry and the potential of the offshore segment
  • Challenges to decarbonise the energy sector and the integration of new capacities to the grid 


Figure 2: Evolution of the LCoE for the main technologies in China

Evolution of the LCoE for the main technologies in China

Source: Enerdata – Power Plant Tracker