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Ammonia: from producing fertilisers to new energy uses

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Around 70% of the produced ammonia is used to make fertilizers in today's world, but there is a significant growth trajectory anticipated for this molecule in the future. Here are a few possibilities that our experts discussed. 

  • Feedstock for fertilisers 
  • The ammonia molecule can be cracked to release its hydrogen content that can then be used for various applications.
  • Bunker Fuel for Maritime sector
  • Thermal power generation 

The versatile applications of ammonia give it a new dimension and change its traditional perceptions.

If we look at the current grey ammonia production by country, we can see that 4 of the existing ammonia producing countries make up more than half of the world’s ammonia. 

Ammonia production requires hydrogen, that can be produced by three distinct methods, resulting in the production of green, blue, and grey ammonia. The amount of green ammonia and blue ammonia projects has been increasing rapidly around the globe.

blue and green ammonia projects

Enerdata's clean ammonia report provides insights into the projected increase in the production of green, blue, and grey ammonia. 

Key topics include: 

  • Climate impact of global ammonia / nitrogen fertilizers
  • Comparison of ammonia properties 
  • Green ammonia projects: announcements are skyrocketing. 
  • Ammonia value chain market players 

clean ammonia production capacity forecast

You can go further with the Low Carbon Ammonia with our Clean Ammonia Report