2014 Global Energy Trends

16 Jun 2015

Analysis on the trends in the world energy markets. 2015 Edition.

According to the 2014 Global Energy Trends publication, Enerdata points out 2014 as a remarkable year with a near stagnation in energy demand and CO2 emissions despite economic growth.

The G20’s 2014 Key Energy figures:

  • +3.5% Economic Growth
  • +0.3% (10.8 Gtep) Energy consumption stagnation
  • -0.2% (26GtCO2) CO2 emissions stabilisations

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The main trends derived from the publication are:

  • Historical stagnation in energy consumption
  • Stabilisation in CO2 emissions
  • Global energy consumption stabilisation is reflected everywhere:
    • 0 growth for gas,
    • Fall in coal consumption,
    • Slight increase in electricity consumption

The Global Energy Trends Analysis also provides additional graphs on such topics as:

  • Coal: most consumed energy source in G20 countries
  • Oil: 50% fall in international prices
  • Oil: demand continues to slightly increase
  • Gas: high impact of climate on gas consumption

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