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Interview on Slovenia energy market

Enerdata has just released the Slovenia energy report with 2006 data.

Nathalie Desbrosses, economist at Enerdata in charge of energy market intelligence, unveils the latest energy market evolutions.

What are the main energy supply sources of Slovenia ?

Slovenia’s energy resources are limited to low quality sub-bituminous coal and lignite, and hydro-electricity. The quasi totality of oil and gas needs is imported. As for power generation, it is mainly produced through domestic power plants, in particular from the Krsko nuclear power plant.

What are the characteristics of Slovenia compared to other EU countries in terms of energy consumption ?

Slovenia has a high energy consumption per capita compared to other new EU member countries. With a consumption of around 3.4 toe/cap, the country is just above the European average. It is the same for electricity consumption (about 6 000 kWh/cap instead of around 4 000 kWh/cap in average for other new member countries).

What are the current priorities of the Slovenian Government regarding the energy policy ?

The main objectives of the government are the restoration and development of electricity capacities, the improvement of energy efficiency, the development of renewable energies and the privatization of the energy actors.

The country has quantified objectives in term of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The oil sector is already privatized and a liberalization plan of the electricity sector was announced this year.

How has the Slovenian energy market evolved in these last months ?

The major highlights concern the opening to competition of gas and electricity markets to all consumers, and the announcement of HSE’s privatization, the largest Slovenian electricity company.

What are the challenges of Slovenia for the coming years ?

The main challenges are focused on the power sector: the network and installed capacities need to be renovated, de-polluted and developed. Numerous projects are underway and, among them, the construction of a second nuclear reactor and inter-connections with Hungary and Italy.

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