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Enerdata will submit to the PREDIT the results of a 3 years study carried out in collaboration with the LET (Laboratoire d’Economie des Transports) on 2050 sustainable mobility scenarios. This research started 3 years ago, was financially sponsored by the ADEME and the DRAST.

One of the major issues addressed in this study are feasibility conditions for a reduction by a factor 4 of the CO2-energy emissions in the transport sector in France. The selected approach combines mobility modelling with a particular focus on 3 dimensions:

  • Speed of journeys
  • Budget-time issues (model TILT)
  • Design of scenarios focused on the levers of public action regarding mobility (speed and special planning) and on technology.

The TILT Model combines, in an entirely integrated approach:

  • Mobility projections by services
  • Traffic projections by transport mode
  • Road traffic allocation by categories and technologies of vehicles
  • Road vehicle fleet dynamics by year of commercialization of new vehicles and by technology
  • Calculation of consequences on C02-energy emissions, including indirect emissions from the different energy carriers (oil, bio fuels, electricity, hydrogen)