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The US, Czechia and Japan pledge to stop building unabated coal-fired power plants

The United States has joined the Power Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), committing to not building any new unabated coal-fired power plants and to phase-out existing unabated ones. Six other countries joined the PPCA at the same time, namely Czechia, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, Iceland, Norway and Kosovo, along with the subnational governments of Wielkopolska (Poland) and Taoyuan City (Taiwan). Japan, while it did not join the PPCA, has also announced that it would stop building new coal power plants that do not have emission reduction measures in place. 

These pledges, made on the sidelines of COP28, are significant, notably since Japan and the US had blocked the G7 from the setting a coal phase out date back in April 2023. In 2022, coal still represented 21% of Japan’s installed capacity and 31% of its power generation (17% and 20% for the US respectively). It is also significant for Czechia, which is one of the EU’s largest coal consumer, and for which coal still represented 39% of installed capacity and 44% of power generation in 2022.

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