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The US announces US$7bn grant allocation for residential solar projects

The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a US$7bn grant competition aimed at the deployment of more than 4 GW of residential solar projects for more than 900,000 low-income and disadvantaged households in the US. The Solar for All grant competition will be distributed to 60 recipients that includes states, territories, Tribal governments, municipalities, and nonprofits across the country to develop long-lasting solar programs that enable low-income and disadvantaged communities to deploy and benefit from distributed residential solar. 

Solar for All will expand existing low-income solar programs and launch new ones in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and territories, as well as increase access to solar for Tribes. EPA has selected 49 state-level awards totalling approximately US$5.5bn, six awards to serve Tribes totalling over US$500m, and five multistate awards totalling approximately US$1bn. The US$7bn grant is expected to generate over US$350m in annual savings on electric bills, to reduce 30 MtCO2e emissions cumulatively from the over 4 GW of solar energy capacity unlocked. The grant competition is funded through the Inflation Reduction Act, which created EPA’s US$27bn Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. 

At the end of 2023, the United States had a total installed capacity of 1,310 GW, of which solar accounted for over 10% (138 GW). 

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