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Unit 2 of the Ostrovets nuclear plant reaches first criticality (Belarus)

The 1.1 GW second unit of the Ostrovets nuclear power plant, located in north-western Belarus, has reached first criticality after the VVER-1200 reactor reached the minimum controllable power level with a self-sustaining controlled nuclear reaction.  The Russian nuclear energy company Rosatom, which is currently building the new unit, will now proceed to the final part of tests of the power unit physical start-up stage.

The Ostrovets-2 reactor, on which Rosatom started functional tests in August 2021, is expected to be put into commercial operation by October 2023.  The first unit of the Ostrovets nuclear power plant (1.1 GW) was connected to the grid in November 2020 and commissioned in June 2021. The plant is Belarus’ only nuclear plant.

At the end of 2021, nuclear represented 10% of the country’s installed capacity and 14% of its power generation with 5.8 TWh.

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