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Ukraine's government approves the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2050

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has approved the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2050, which focuses on the development of nuclear and renewable power generation capacity and on the modernisation and automatisation of transmission and distribution systems, in order to achieve carbon neutrality in the energy sector by 2050. Ukraine aims to stregthen energy security and the sustainability of its energy system and wants to join the unified energy system of Ukraine (UES) to the European network of electricity transmission system operators (ENTSO-E).

In March 2023, Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy announced that the country aimed to increase the share of renewable energy in its power generation to 50% by 2035, while the other 50% of the power mix would be made up by nuclear power, in order to boost energy security. As of end-2021, before the start of the war, nuclear represented 55% of Ukraine’s power generation (86 TWh), coal 24% (37 TWh), gas 6% (10 TWh), and renewables 15% (22 TWh, 7% wind and solar, 7% hydro, 1% biomass).

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