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The UAE’s Masdar plans to develop a 1 GW solar power project in Iraq

The Emirati renewable energy company Masdar is planning to develop a 1 GW solar project in Iraq, which would be the first phase of a potentially larger project. For this first phase, four solar parks would be built: a 450 MW park in the Dhi Qar governorate, a 350 MW park in Anbar, a 100 MW park in Maysan and a 100 MW park in Nineveh. This project was announced after talks between Masdar and Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity. The timeframe for the project has not yet been communicated.

During the past year, the Iraqi Government has already signed contracts with several companies to develop 7.5 GW of solar in the country, notably 1 GW with TotalEnergies and 750 MW with PowerChina. Iraq aims to reach 12 GW of renewable capacity by 2030. As of end-2022, Iraq only had 42 MW of solar installed capacity, representing only about 0.1% of its total installed capacity.

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