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Turkey announces new renewable FIT under YEKDEM scheme

The Turkish energy regulator has announced new 10-year feed-in tariffs and 5-year domestic production incentives for renewable power projects commissioned between 1 July 2021 and 31 December 2025 under the new renewable energy support mechanism (YEKDEM). The feed-in tariff levels are determined in Turkish lira and will be subject to a quarterly escalation mechanism, based on the producer price index, consumer price index, US dollars purchase rates and euro purchase rates; FiTs in US dollars will be subject to a cap.

Accordingly, wind, solar and landfill gas projects will receive TRY 32c/kWh (€3.68c/kWh or US$4.45c/Wh, with a cap at US$5.1c/kWh), hydropower plants TRY 40c/kWh (€4.6c/kWh or US$5.56c/Wh, with a cap at US$6.4c/kWh), geothermal and biomethane TRY 54c/kWh (€6.22c/kWh or US$7.51c/Wh, with a cap at US$8.6c/kWh). The domestic production incentive is set at TRY 8c/kWh (€0.92c/kWh or US$1.1c/Wh).

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