SuedLink power transmission project moves ahead in Germany

30 Jun 2020

The German power transmission system operators (TSOs) TenneT and TransnetBW have awarded 525 kV underground cables orders to European power cable manufacturers NKT and Prysmian for the 4 GW SuedLink HVDC power transmission line project in Germany.

The €10bn SuedLink power grid project will consist of two 2 GW cables stretching over 700 km between Schleswig-Holstein, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. TenneT is in charge of the project in Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria, while TransnetBW is responsible for the project in Baden-Württemberg. The project is currently in approval process at a federal level and will soon enter the formal public planning procedure. Once commissioned, the power line will help deliver wind power generation from northern Germany to the south of the country.

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