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Sindh province (Pakistan) allows Oracle Power to build a 1.3 GW renewable hub

The Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has awarded a "no objection certificate" (NOC) to the UK renewable project developer Oracle Power, allowing the company to build its proposed 1.3 GW renewable complex in Jhimpir, in the Sindh province of southern Pakistan.

The renewable hub will comprise 800 MW of solar and 500 MW of wind power capacity, along with a 450 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS). Power generation should be fed to the National Grid, with connection facilitated through the Network of National Transmission & Dispatch Company (NTDC). Oracle Power is also considering a green hydrogen and ammonia production plant in the Sindh province with a capacity of 400 MW and an estimated production of 55 kt/year of green hydrogen or 275 kt/year of green ammonia.

Pakistan aims to reach at least 20% of alternative and renewable energy (excluding hydropower) in the power capacity in 2025 and 30% in 2030 (60% including hydropower). In 2020, Pakistan announced its intention to reach 27 GW of solar by 2047.

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