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Shanghai Electric will build two CCGT units at the Al-Mansuriya gas plant (Iraq)

Iraq's General Company for Electric Power Production has signed a contract with the Chinese company Shanghai Electric for the construction and installation of two combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) units, totalling 362 MW, for the Al-Mansuriya gas power plant located in the Diyala Governorate (central Iraq).

The contract for boosting the capacity of the Al-Mansuriya power plant is part of the Sino-Iraqi framework agreement signed in 2020 and will be implemented on a turn-key basis. The power plant currently comprises four 183 MW gas-fired turbines commissioned in 2017 and totalling 732 MW. The power plant was financed by the United States’ Iraq Relief & Reconstruction Fund (IRRF), which was created after the 2003 war.

Iraq announced in January 2023 that it plans to add 4 GW of CCGT capacity over the next two years. At the end of 2021, gas-fired generation represented 61% of Iraq’s installed capacity with 19 GW and 53% of its power generation with 48 TWh.

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