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RWE will develop three CCS projects in the UK to capture 11 MtCO2/year

The German energy group RWE has announced plans to develop three carbon capture (CCS) projects in the UK, which could secure up to 4.7 GW of generation and capture up to 11 MtCO2/year.

RWE is currently testing the feasibility to retrofit carbon capture technology at its existing CCGT power plants in Pembroke (2,181 MW, southern Wales) and Staythorpe (1,735 MW, eastern England). The company is also developing proposals for a new 800 MW carbon-capture, gas-fired power station in Stallingborough (eastern England).

The three proposed CCS projects are expected to contribute to RWE’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040, as well as to the UK’s ambition of decarbonising its power system by 2035.

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