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Qatar unveils North Field West project to raise LNG production by 85% by 2030

Qatar’s state-owned company QatarEnergy has announced a new LNG expansion project on its North Field gas development, named “North Field West”, which will raise Qatar’s LNG production capacity by nearly 85% from current production levels before the end of 2030, thereby raising the country’s production level from 77 Mt/year to 142 Mt/year. 

In addition, Qatar has also announced the presence of significant additional gas quantities in the North Field, estimated at 240 tcf (about 6,800 bcm), as well as additional condensates reserves of about 10 billion barrels (total condensate reserves of over 80 Gbl). 

QatarEnergy is already developing the 32 Mt/year North Field East and the 16 Mt/year North Field South project, for which the group has already signed supply deals with several multi-national companies including TotalEnergies, Shell, Eni, Sinopec, CNPC, ExxonMobil or ConocoPhillips.

In 2022, Qatar produced 106 bcm of LNG (ranked third behind the US and Australia) and had proved gas reserves estimated at 24,000 bcm.

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