Qatar Petroleum signs a new long-term LNG contract with Singapore

10 Nov 2020

Qatar Petroleum has signed a contract with Singapore’s Pavilion Energy, an affiliate of the state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings, to sell 1.8 Mt/year (2.4 bcm/year) of LNG for 10 years from 2023. Singapore is seeking to diversify its gas imports, as its long-term piped gas contracts with Indonesia are expected to expire as of 2023.

In November 2019, Qatar Petroleum announced plans to boost its gas liquefaction capacity by more than 60% by 2027. The group, which is already the largest LNG producer worldwide, thanks to 14 liquefaction trains with a cumulated capacity of 77 Mt/year (104 bcm/year), has started to build two additional LNG trains, with a combined capacity of 16 Mt/year (21.6 bcm/year). As a result, Qatar’s LNG production and exporting capacity will increase from the current 77 Mt/year (104 bcm/year) to 126 Mt/year by 2027 (170 bcm/year).

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