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Poland’s PGE sees power generation decline by 14% in 2023

The Polish power utility Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) has released its 2023 results, reporting a net loss of PLN5,012m (€1,170m), compared to a profit of PLN3,328m (€777m) in 2022 and a net economic debt of PLN21,960m (€5,130m). 

PGE's generating units total net electricity production in 2023 declined by 14% to 56.77 TWh, mostly from lignite with 29.8 TWh (-25%), hard coal  with 18.8 TWh (-8%), and natural gas with 4.2 TWh (+51%). PGE Group's total production from renewable sources reached 2.7 TWh. Additionally, production from pumped-storage power plants rose by 26 % to 1.2 TWh. The volume of electricity distributed amounted to 38.9 TWh, and electricity sales to end users to 34.7 TWh (+1%). The heat sales volume amounted to 49 PJ, down 4% compared to 2022.