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PLN selects AG&P to develop a 2.3 Mt/year LNG import project in Indonesia

A consortium led by AG&P LNG, a subsidiary of Nebula Energy, has been awarded a 20-year contract for the development and construction of the 2.3 Mt/year Sulawesi-Maluku LNG import terminal project, which consists of seven LNG regasification terminals in the provinces of Sulawesi and Maluku (eastern Indonesia).

The tender was awarded by Indonesia’s PLN EPI. Besides AG&P, other consortium members are Suasa Benua Sukses (SBS) and KPMOG. The consortium will establish a joint venture with PLN EPI to collaborate on the design, financing, construction, ownership, and operations of all offshore and onshore infrastructure within the Sulawesi-Maluku cluster LNG terminals.

The LNG regasified at the Sulawesi-Maluku cluster will notably be used to supply seven power plants in the area with a cumulative capacity of 1,510 MW. The partners expect to start commissioning of the Sulawesi-Maluku LNG cluster in the first half of 2026.

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