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Russia’s Gazprom shuts the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline indefinitely

The Russian company Gazprom has stopped its supply of gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline for an indefinite period of time, after a three-days maintenance break that was announced at the last-minute. According to the company, the restart of Nord Stream 1 has been indefinitely delayed due to an oil leak at the lone turbine operating at the Portovaya compressor station.

This decision comes just as the G7 countries (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Japan) agreed to impose a price cap on Russian crude oil imports and just a few days after Gazprom decided to suspend all natural gas deliveries to the French utility Engie. 

In July 2022, after 10 days of scheduled maintenance, Gazprom reduced gas supplies over the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 33 mcm/d (12 bcm/year), dropping to 20% of capacity. In June 2022, the company cut gas supplies over Nord Stream 1 from 167 mcm/d (61 bcm/year) to 100 mcm/d (36.5 bcm/year), and later to 67 mcm/d (24.5 bcm/year).

The Nord Stream twin pipeline system, which comprises two 1,224-km offshore pipelines with a combined capacity of 55 bcm/year, runs from Vyborg (Russia) to Lubmin near Greifswald (Germany). The system was built and is operated by Nord Stream, a Swiss company owned by Gazprom (51%), Wintershall Dea (15.5%), E.ON (15.5%), Gasunie (9%) and Engie (9%). The pipeline transported a volume of 59.2 bcm of natural gas to Europe in 2021 (stable compared to 2020).

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