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Moldova will import 30% of its power demand from Ukraine

The Moldovan state-owned power supplier Energocom, the sole buyer of electricity imported from Ukraine, has signed a contract with the Ukrainian hydropower producer, Ukrhydroenergo, for supplying around 30% of electricity consumption in Moldova over the 12-31 May 2022 period. Since March 2022, the war in Ukraine, energy crisis and unstable gas prices have prompted the Moldavskaya thermal power plant in Transdniestria (eastern Moldova) to sign only one-month contracts to supply power to the grid; in May 2022, Gazprom reduced gas supplies to Transdniestria, leading the Moldavskaya power plant to reduce its power supplies to 70% of the electricity needed in Moldova.

Moldova's power demand reached 5.2 TWh in 2019. Moldova is very dependent on natural gas, 100% imported from Russia, which accounts for 55% of its primary energy mix and over 90% of its power generation. In 2019, the country imported 3 bcm of natural gas.