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Mexico’s proven hydrocarbon reserves rose by 2% in 2022

Mexico's total proven oil and gas reserves increased by nearly 2% to reach 8.162 Gboe at end-2022, up from 8.014 Gboe at end-2021, according to the Mexican National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH). In addition, proved crude oil reserves slightly increased by 1.6% from 6.059 Gbl to 6.155 Gbl, and gas reserves grew by 2.3% from 10.781 tcf (305 bcm) to 11.029 tcf (312 bcm) over the past year. Proved and probable (2P) reserves were broadly stable (+0.8%) at 15.138 Gboe at the end of 2022. CNH’s data comprises reserves from both state-owned oil company Pemex and domestic and foreign producers which entered the market after a 2013 energy opening allowed them to operate their fields. At the end of 2022, Pemex controlled over 87% of 2P reserves, followed by Fieldwood (4.7%) and Eni (2.7%).