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Malaysia’s Sunview plans to develop a 500 MW solar PV project in Uzbekistan

The Malaysian renewable energy company Sunview Group has announced plans to develop a 500 MW solar PV power plant in the Qashqadaryo region of southern Uzbekistan. Sunview’s subsidiary, Fabulous Sunview, has entered into a strategic business partnership agreement with the administration of Qashqadaryo for the development of the US$1bn project. 

The collaboration between the two parties will focus on developing the project with the target of implementation to be within 1 year from the signing of the agreement. The project will be financed through foreign direct investments.

As of end-2022, solar represented only about 1% of Uzbekistan’s installed capacity with 253 MW. The country currently has about 1.2 GW of solar capacity under construction and over 1.5 GW under development. In January 2024, Uzbekistan set a target to reach 27 GW of renewable energy capacity and 40% of electricity production from renewables by 2030 (against 2.3 GW and 7% in 2022). 

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