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Kazakhstan unveils plan to build 26 GW of additional power capacity by 2035

The Kazakh Ministry of Energy has developed an action plan to develop 26 GW of additional installed capacity in Kazakhstan by 2035. The plan targets a 2035 installed capacity mix made up of 34.3% of coal, 25.8% of gas, 24.4% of renewables (solar and wind), and 10.8% of hydropower, thus decreasing the share of coal and gas in the country’s mix (at the end of 2022, Kazakhstan’s installed capacity reached 27.5 GW, with 45% of coal, 26% of gas, 12% of renewables, 11% of hydro and 6% of oil). The plan aims to offset emissions by 44 MtCO2/year by 2035.

5.6 GW of the new planned capacity will come from the refurbishment and expansion of existing power plants, while the rest will come from new power plants (6.7 GW of which will be auctioned). The expansion of existing plants includes the construction of a 325 MW Unit 7 at Aksu GRES; the construction of boiler unit and replacement of turbine at Karaganda power plant; and the capacity expansion of the Karabatan steam-gas plant from 310 MW to 620 MW.

The Kazakh company Samruk Energy will notably develop 12 GW of the planned additional capacity, with 5.9 GW of thermal, 5.7 GW of renewables (solar and wind), and 600 MW of hydropower. The company, which currently operates 32% of Kazakhstan installed capacity, plans the construction of two new CCGT gas-fired units at the Almaty Combined Heat and Power Plant, as well as new thermal power plants in three cities of the country, following an agreement signed between Kazakhstan and Russia in November 2023. It also plans to complete the construction of thermal power plants in Kokshetau, Semei and Ust-Kamenogorsk in 2027-2028.

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