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J-Power announces closure of two coal-fired plants in Japan

The Japanese power utility J-Power announced its decision to close two 500 MW coal-fired units of its Matsushima Thermal Power Station to align with the promotion of the GENESIS Matsushima Plan (a facility renewal plan aimed at CO2-free hydrogen power generation). With this, the company expects to achieve its 2025 target of cutting 19% of its CO2 emissions (by 9.2 Mt compared to 2013 emissions). J-Power plans to continue using part of the unit’s equipment for the GENESIS plan and future carbon neutral measures.

As of March 2022, J-Power had 21.9 GW of installed capacity, including 17.9 GW in Japan and 4 GW overseas. In Japan, thermal accounts for 49% of J-Power's installed capacity, followed by hydro (39%) and wind. J-Power produced 85.9 TWh of electricity in 2021-2022 (stable), including 74.8 TWh in Japan and 11.1 TWh overseas; in Japan, thermal generation, which declined by 8% in 2021-2022, accounted for 64% of J-Power's power mix (compared to 70% in 2020-2021).

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