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Israel starts its first gas exports to Jordan from Tamar field

Israel has begun to export gas to Jordan within the frame of a deal which had been signed in 2014 by the Jordanian companies Arab Potash and Jordan Bromine. Jordan has agreed to import 2 bcm of gas from the Israeli Tamar offshore field.

The export contract will last over 15 years and the gas is not directly sold to Jordan by the Israeli Tamar partners themselves (Delek Group and Isramco) but through an American company, Eastern Mediterranean Marketing.

The gas exportation deal is worth US$771m but this is not the biggest deal which has been signed between both countries since a larger deal reaching around US$10bn has been signed in September 2016 regarding gas exports from the Leviathan offshore field. However, deliveries from the Leviathan field are expected to start in 2019 only. The gas will be used by Jordan's National Electric Power Company over 15 years.

The Tamar field partners are: Delek Drilling (15.625%), Avner Oil Exploration (15.625%), Noble Energy (36%), Isramco (28.75%), and Dor Gas (4%).

The Leviathan fields partners are: Noble Energy Mediterranean (39.66%), Delek Drilling Ltd. (22.67%), Avner Oil Exploration Ltd. (22.67%), and Ratio Oil Exploration (1992) Ltd. (15.00%)

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